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About Monica Jackson
Hi there! I’m Monica Jackson, Wellness Coach, specializing in Corporate Wellness, Lifestyle Coaching, and Executive Coaching and Consulting.

I believe and value the professional development of executive leaders and senior managers because they make organizations, communities, and people successful.

Along with my experienced team we’ll work one-on-one with your executives, senior managers, and emerging leaders to improve performance, develop executive presence, and ensure executives deliver unparalleled communication and service that lead to positive performance results.

It is my absolute joy to work with individuals desiring to create a wellness lifestyle. Let’s work together to improve your mindset, reduce stress, and get out of your own head so you can embrace and take action on what matters most to you. I am a DBA candidate who holds an MBA in Marketing and International Business and a BA in Strategic Operations and Marketing.

HELP DURING THE PANDEMIC This global pandemic means significant changes to how most companies fulfill their professional responsibilities. We are ready to play the crucial role in implementing the most effective ways for employees to work and interact while also taking care of their mental and emotional well-being. Let my 20 years of corporate wellness and executive development provide the clarity, analysis, and performance tools that your company is looking for to drive efficiency, uncover solutions, and keep your employees well.

I’m here to facilitate all facets of the wellness journey for individuals, executives, and corporations.


Let’s Get Help Mental Wellness Summit is on a mission to have empowering
conversations that introduce practical self-care and wellness techniques.

JOIN US as this extraordinary panel provides the tools and practical techniques to
bounce back from life’s adversities and start living the life of your dreams.

Monica Jackson

Event Host & Mental Wellness Coach

Dr. Lorie Johnson

MD Board Certified OB/GYN

Clarence K.D. McNair

Life Coach and Author

Melanie Darling

Mental Health Therapist

Kenneth and Tongela Smith

Relationship Coaches and Experts

Jacquelyn Rivers

Psychotherapist and Author

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  • Create a Much Needed Culture of Wellness

Corporate Wellness Coach

Our team works with your employees to help them overcome life’s challenges. Whether a stressful work situation, relational struggles, or needing reassurance, we can help you navigate it all and become more productive during these uncertain times.

Lifestyle Coach

We help you identify, clarify, and create a vision that allows you to maximize your potential through self-discovery and a customized productivity plan.

Performance Coaching

Our team works to improve your team’s performance and to deliver unparalleled service that leads to positive operational results. We provide a unique blend of capabilities and integrated services for individual, team, and organizational development.

Executive Consulting

Your company’s leaders require expert advice on a targeted area within the business. We’ll conduct a full analysis and evaluation relevant to the issue, and instruct executives on necessary actions to achieve a solution.



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